As a successful financial advisor to high-net-worth families in the late 1990's, Edmond Walters was on the hunt for a practice management and productivity tool that would update client accounts more efficiently and revise their financial plans more judiciously. But having spent his career working to become a trusted and resourceful advocate for his clients, he also looked for a software solution that would improve their experience as well.
But it didn't exist. In 2000, Edmond founded eMoney Advisor.
Today, eMoney aggregates more than $2.5 trillion dollars in assets for more than 38,000 financial professionals in all fifty states, serving a million end-clients. In a manner unparalleled by any other system, eMoney has helped advisors increase assets under management, identify product opportunities, and win their clients' confidence and loyalty.
Though we're driven to lead through innovation, the defining principle of eMoney's existence will always remain the same: An unwavering dedication to helping advisors and their clients achieve success.

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eMoney Advisor allows us to properly track and view the progress of your accounts. Better yet, you also receive access to all of your financial information - in one place! To learn more about eMoney, check out their website!