Why Great Lakes Benefits?

We do things a little differently here at Great Lakes Benefits and Wealth Management. If you are used to working with a broker, you will see the difference. If you have never worked with a financial professional, you will be delighted with what you experience.

For prospective clients, call or email for your first appointment. If you have questions before you are ready to commit to an appointment, our friendly staff can set up a short phone call, or Skype style call, so Wayne can answer any of your questions.

1st. Appointment.

Wayne sits with you and takes notes on any concerns or issues you have on your mind. Then he will go through a short, two-page questionnaire asking about basic details for your current situation. Then he will ask you about your family make-up, estate document questions, asset inventory (round numbers, basic info), home information, current debt, life insurance, how assets are titled, who’s current beneficiaries. Then move on to current and future income such as pension and social security benefits. He also tries to get basic overhead information, and future upcoming expense information (remodeling, travel, auto purchase, etc…). He ends the meeting finding out what your concerns are regarding taxes, future long-term care issues, stock market losses, avoiding probate court, etc… Typically the first meeting lasts an hour. This appointment gives Wayne a “snapshot” of where you are at now.

2nd. Appointment.

Wayne sits with you and the objective is to start to determine where you want to go from this point in your life. It will be a more in-depth appointment, trying to get a feel of how you want your retirement to play out. Unlike the first appointment which is more factual about your current situation. We discuss things like retirement target dates. Desired retirement income planning for travel, life expectancy, gifting, and if leaving an inheritance is important. Also, how you want to leave assets to your family, loved ones, and any charitable bequests. In this meeting, we start to get an idea of where you are at financially, and if your goals are attainable and realistic. After this meeting, Wayne will have enough information, to start laying out an action plan!

3rd. Appointment.

Wayne delivers you your Action Plan. In this plan, Wayne lays out the areas that need to be addressed, learned, implemented, etc…  And things that need to be stopped, changed or tweaked. You then choose where to start, if you have an area that’s most on your mind. Or Wayne can suggest the order that he thinks you should start on first. This is where you and Wayne role up your sleeves and get to work on your Financial House. There will be a few appointments following, about an hour long each, where you and Wayne address your Action Plan items!

When the process is all over, you will feel great that your financial house is in order! You will know why your money is where it is, what investment account is what, how much to keep in savings, and ultimately you will feel comfortable that you will have a great retirement.

If you would like to learn more...

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