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Why You Should Work With An Independent Financial Professional

Updated: Aug 11, 2020

Let’s face it: modern communication technologies can make life a whole lot more convenient and efficient. The global stage is quickly evolving into a vast, interconnected platform delivering products and services to people around the world. Some would say, however, that although the “machines” have taken on a very personable feel, we’ve lost the human touch. And when it comes to getting your financial house in order, having that human touch can make all the difference. Here’s what your relationship – and your portfolio – could look like with a personal financial professional:

  1. You’re a person, not a number — Independent financial professionals put you in the center of our plan development. Your dreams can’t fit into a computerized investment algorithm, but should be listened to! Custom-tailored investment strategies, we believe, are the only way to do things.

  2. Communications and connections — How annoying (and, frankly, a little intimidating) is it to call an automated system and make your way through layers of filtering and robotic voices just to get your questions answered? Using an independent financial professional means that you get ongoing, personalized communications with someone that knows you and understands your needs because, well, we’ve met with you and know you!

  3. We’re more than just financial professionals — While both you and your financial professional will work together as co-creators in shaping your investment and retirement goals, your advisor takes on the role as coach and guide. If you go off track or fail to meet certain benchmarks along the way, your financial professional is going to start asking you some questions. In other words, you’re going to be held accountable.

  4. We stick with you — Algorithms won’t help you change your plan as you and your family grow and change. We, on the other hand, will. We monitor your plan and encourage you to shift strategies to meet changing life circumstances or after achieving certain benchmarks. We know that life can change with marriage, children, buying a house, moving, preparing to retire: we get it! We’re with you, and we offer our expertise to steer you through life’s challenges and opportunities.

  5. We provide more than just investment help — While robo-advisors often provide only investment advice and management, we cover the whole financial picture. We provide help with tax-efficient investing and discovering the right types of insurance coverage through our network of professionals. We help our clients wade through the challenges and opportunities of life, on both the personal and professional levels. When you invest in developing a relationship with an independent financial professional, you invest in building a solid, stable, and secure future.

Contact us today to learn more! Click here to request a meeting. Or call our Sandusky office at (419) 626-3900, or our Elyria office at (440) 934-3141 to get started today!

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